Boston Solidarity Run, Monday April 22 6:30pm All Across America

Posted April 18, 2013

Boston Solidarity Run, Monday April 22 6:30pm All Across America

We have all been shocked and devastated by the events at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  People have been calling and asking how they can help and what can they do? Running specialty stores and their vendor partners have come up with a way to show your support for Boston.


What you may not know…….Within seconds of the first explosion Monday afternoon, the 12 employees at Marathon Sports, a running specialty store at 671 Boylston Street, Boston, came to the aid of the victims on the sidewalk in front of their store. The bomb had exploded only 20 feet from their door, shattering the storefront.


They pulled victims into the store and wrapped their wounds with merchandise to control the bleeding. One employee took off his belt and expertly applied a tourniquet to a woman’s mangled arm. Doctors later credited him with saving her arm.


Running stores across the country were all hit very close to home by what happened Monday in Boston…we’re a small family with many of our owners and employees, as well as customers gather each year for the Boston Marathon. We’re proud of our colleagues at Marathon Sports, inspired by their heroics, and we’re joining together with other running stores to respond.


Up and Running would like to invite you to the official “Runners For Boston” 2.62 mile run/walk on Monday, April 22nd at 6:30 pm. Join us at the Fairmont High School (3301 Shroyer Road Kettering, Ohio 45429) Track to show your support.  Wear your past/present Boston Marathon gear, the iconic blue & yellow, or purchase the official “Runners for Boston” graphic-T at the run/walk.


Independent running stores across America are hosting a solidarity run for those affected by the events that took place in Boston on Monday, April 15th.  An official “Runners for Boston” t-shirt will be available for purchase at the run/walk. 100% of the proceeds from the $20 shirt will benefit OneFundBoston as the best way to help the people most affected by Monday’s events.   


If you can’t make it in person, show your solidarity by sharing photos on Facebook and Twitter of your own run!


We are ONE running community coming together to support a community that is an iconic symbol of running in America and to the world – BOSTON.

Susie Stein and your Up and Running Team

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