Frozen Feet 2020 Announced! January 4th-February 15th

Posted December 30, 2019

Frozen Feet 2020 Announced! January 4th-February 15th

Season’s greetings, it’s Frozen Feet time! This year’s challenge ranges from January 4th-February 15th.
We are excited to launch year three of Frozen Feet! Last year we had 2,000 commit to walking or running at least ONE-MILE every day OUTSIDE for 6 weeks! This year we have an easy to use online tracking system that is interactive and you can log your miles at your own convenience & watch the group progress!
That ONE-MILE cannot be done inside & must be done EVERY DAY. Miss a day & you are out of the challenge. However, we understand life happens and we encourage you to keep moving when you can!
Get the family in on the Frozen Feet Streak Challenge, a great way to promote movement! Remember this is all on the honor system, no need to send us your Garmin or Strava files;-) It’s all about getting outside, moving & encouraging others to do the same!

  • $20.00 with a t-shirt, FREE with no t-shirt! Option available when you register. MAKE SURE TO PICK THE CORRECT OPTION. Shirts are unisex sizing & short sleeve. Don’t finish the challenge, but you paid for a shirt….you still get your shirt. The Finisher’s shirt can NOT be mailed. It will be available at Up and Running in Dayton.
  • Walk or Run at least ONE-MILE every day for 6 weeks. You can NOT take miles from one day and add to another!
  • The Challenge works on the honor system. We trust you!
  • UAR has an all new INTERACTIVE reporting site, which will make the challenge fun, and easy to stay motivated, and in the game!
  • The registration link will prompt you to create a Frozen Feet Streak Challenge account (click on “Don’t have an account”.) This is the site that you will log your miles, either daily or weekly. Once you have an account you will simply just log in. This site is also mobile friendly. You will not only see your progress but the group’s total mileage progress this year as well! Register Here!
  • We still have the Frozen Feet Facebook page group if you would like to join and interact with other members. Click Here! This is not necessary to join the challenge.
  • The name of the game…Have fun, encourage others & challenge yourself!

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