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Trigger Point Grid Vibe

Check out the newest addition to our recovery offerings, the Grid Vibe!

GRID VIBE Research Insights:

“The GRID Vibe is clinically proven to reduce pain and improve range of motion more than a non-vibrating foam roller. The GRID Vibe does this by tuning into the optimal frequency of 33 Hz. Prior research has supported that frequencies between 20-50 Hz yield the most benefit for the muscular system. By vibrating at 33 Hz, the GRID Vibe induces changes to both the muscular system and the nervous system. This works by providing different information for the nervous system to process. When the body is sensing pain, and vibration is introduced, the sensation of pain must decrease. It should be noted that this is a not a permanent decrease; however, the combination of vibration and foam rolling provides the opportunity to introduce better movement patterns.” 


“The GRID Vibe combines proven vibration technology with TriggerPoint’s patented foam roller design to create a new level of experience for clients. The size and portability of the GRID Vibe allows it to travel anywhere. It’s a must have for anyone who is serious about their myofascial health.”

“Research has shown that the GRID Vibe is an effective tool for reducing pain and increasing joint flexibility.”

“The GRID Vibe is a game changer in the myofascial release and self-care industry. The portability and proven science behind the roller is taking self-myofascial release to the next level.” Trigger Point

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