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Up and Running in Dayton is Thinking Outside the Box: Introducing a New State-of-the-Art Retail Experience in Partnership with Superfeet and HP 

Technology platform provides fully custom experience, including 3D printed insoles, ME3D

One of only a few select retailers nationwide to host the technology, Up and Running, is proud to announce shoppers can now receive their own pair of custom manufactured ME3D insoles. Using the newest technology platform that combines Superfeet’s 40-years of shape expertise with the power of tech giant HP Inc., runners can visit Up and Running and receive a personal assessment that includes a custom 3D foot scan and gait analysis.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Up and Running is now offering a new level of customization to shoppers: FitStation powered by HP—providing them a precise fit unique to their foot shape along with a science-based recommendation for the best off-the-shelf footwear offering. Taking it one-step further, Superfeet is using the data collected at Up and Running to manufacture ME3D insoles, the first personalized consumer product made using FitStation’s revolutionary 3D foot-scanning solution and its award-winning Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology.

Nearly 75 percent of the US population could benefit from a supportive insole and runners in particular can definitely appreciate the pain free comfort found in a well-fitting pair of shoes. Superfeet insoles, with their ability to provide a strong, supportive underfoot foundation, and have been an invaluable tool for active people for 40 years. The new partnership with HP means that Superfeet can match the highly accurate data points collected at RETAILER with the precision of 3D printing to build the most supportive insoles available for both the shape and the movement of the individual’s foot.

“We are thrilled and proud to be working with Superfeet to bring this new technology to our shoppers. As leaders in the local run and active lifestyle community, we’re always looking for ways to bring the best-in-class to our customers and believe that the ME3D insoles and technology used to collect the data is going to provide a new, and more powerful, way for us to give individuals the custom approach they need to reach their full potential,” states Up and Running.

One of only eleven retailers nationwide to provide ME3D insoles, Up and Running invites the local community to come by the store and receive their personalized scans today. 

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