Moving Comfort Fit Fest at Up and Running in Dayton & Troy

Posted October 4, 2014

Moving Comfort Fit Fest at Up and Running in Dayton & Troy

Our fit specialists are ready to get you in the proper equipment to enjoy your next workout!  Grab a friend and head on in for your bra fit!

Is your bra over a year old, can’t read the label on the inside, are you wearing cotton, do you wear two bras for extra support? If you answered yes to at least one of these you need to come to fit fest!  Have a great fit already but just need to replace your bra drawer, this is the week!

Enjoy 20% off your bra purchases during the following weeks in each respective store.  We will have fit kits on site to fit you in a variety of Moving Comfort sizes and styles.  Place and pay for your order during our fit weeks for a great deal!

Dayton Fit Week:  October 6th-October 12th

Troy Fit Week: October 13th-October 19th

No previous purchases and no other discounts apply.  Customer rewards can be used.

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