Run for Boston: Saturday in Troy, Monday in Dayton

Posted April 18, 2013

Run for Boston: Saturday in Troy, Monday in Dayton

UAR Troy will be joining Winan’s on Saturday for an informal “Boston We Have Your Back” Run / Walk for 8am Saturday morning at the downtown Troy Winans’ store at 10 W. Main Street.

Winan’s will be passing a hat for a $10 donation per runner or what ever you feel compelled to give for a worthy Boston cause. If you are doing the Brukner 5k (which we highly recommend) you can do a quick warm up with us then drive there. AND if you are yoga(ing) with Mary, let her know and she will save you a space. Please pass the word… would be nice to show Boston that Piqua and Troy really care AND to show “YOU DON”T MESS WITH RUNNERS!!”

UAR Dayton in conjunction with the Independent Running Retailer’s Association is planning an evening run/walk on Monday April 22nd at the Fairmont HS Track to show our support for Boston and the running community. More details in regards to time and logistics will be announced soon!

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