Participant to Head Coach, Every Mile Counts in Running 101 & 101.5

Posted August 20, 2018

Participant to Head Coach, Every Mile Counts in Running 101 & 101.5

“Running 101 truly saved my life. It came at a time when self esteem and doubt was where I felt most comfortable . Through this program I learned to focus on all the things I could do and what running could teach me.

Here I am almost ten years later and I went from a participant to the head coach and sharing with others that running is just the icing on the cake.  You have one common goal with the other participants, but through training you end up making friends, setting and accomplishing goals, and learning how strong you really are with every mile.” Coach Ronni

Are you ready to have the icing on your cake this Fall?  Coach Ronni is ready for you, we hope you will join our fun!  The Fall Running 101 & 101.5 Info Meeting will be held on August 28th at 6pm in Dayton.

Training starts September 1st in Dayton for both 101 & 101.5.  Not able to make the info meeting? Do not fret…Head in anytime prior to the September 1st start date or within the 1st week of training to register!  Both groups will meet in Dayton on Tuesday evenings 6pm and Saturday mornings 8am!  The Running 101 & 101.5 graduation race will be on Thanksgiving morning in Tipp City, OH.  

The Running 101 run/walk group is for the individual who wants to train from the couch to 5k. Prior to starting this program the individual should be able to walk for a brisk 30 minutes. Up and Running will provide coach led workouts, training schedules, technical product, weekly updates, and much more. Registration fee of $70.00-includes weekly coaching, training shirt, race registration, and great perks at UAR!  This program is for adults only and we can not accommodate strollers due to the nature of the program, thank you in advance for understanding.

Register Online Here!

The Running 101.5 run/walk group is for the individual who has previously completed Running 101 or completed a 5K and is ready to jump up to a 10K!  Registration fee of $60.00 for Running 101.5-includes weekly coaching, training shirt and race registration entry.

Register Online Here!

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