Fun & Festivities Week 2!

Posted December 6, 2012

Fun & Festivities Week 2!

Do a SNOW Dance, in your new Party Shoes!  Let the fun and festivities continue into week 2 at UAR!

You’ve got your party dress now you need party shoes!  Ok so the shoes may not be the type to wear to every party…but they are PARTY shoes!  They are the shoe you haven’t wanted to spend extra money on but now with our holiday special you can afford that fun pair, that race pair, that new concept shoe!

Check out the Party Shoes!

Kinvara 3 , Mirage 2, Connect, Flow, Cadence, Free Run +3, All Merrell Barefoot:  Pace-Dash-Sonic and Lithe

All these party shoes will be 20% off this week and this week only.  Promotion starts Monday December 3rd and ends December 9th.  No previous price adjustments, no other discounts apply, in stock items only, final sale.

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