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Marilouise was the first coach for UAR, and once you meet her you will know why we feel fortunate to have her. All our run/walk routes were coordinated and tested by Marilouise….and yes some are a bit long…another Marilouise trait, giving you more than you might want, or think you need! If we could bottle the energy and enthusiasm she has…we could be rich! Despite coordinating all the groups, she still has time to train and she has qualified and ran the Boston Marathon two times! Most recently she has started to explore the trail world, competing in 50ks and beyond!


“I came to UAR 11 years ago and met the UAR 101 group and my sister-in-law and I were the only people to show on a Saturday morning in the cold and snow….and ever since then
roniI have been a diehard!  I work in a challenging environment and need the UAR run/walk groups to help relieve stress and keep me healthy and strong. Since joining 101, I have ran countless 5k’s,  10k’s and half marathons and now I over see the Running 101 and 101.5 programs!  UAR is my happy place and I love being able to share my joy of running with new people.”  Fun fact…I dance and sing and do impressions, just ask the boss!





We have known Sue from the very beginning!  Her dedication to Up and Running and the Dayton community is hard to rival and we are thrilled to have her as our walking coach.  She has walked it all from 5k’s to marathons; and all over the world!  She’s ready to help you take your walking to the next level and her company will surely make the miles click off fast!  You’ll be able to pick her out of the run/walk group crowd with her energetic smile! 




So do you have running experience but you are not feeling fulfilled anymore with your just your own training?  Interested in providing others with the enthusiasm and determination you have for the sport?  We are looking for more coaches to add to our awesome team!  Email us why you think this might be something for you.  Send a note to

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