How do I fuel my workout? August 5th 7:00pm Troy

Posted July 30, 2014

How do I fuel my workout? August 5th 7:00pm Troy

Do you know how much you should eat for your workouts?  No we aren’t just talking about pre and post workout nutrition, we are talking about what you use on the run, ride and walk!  The famous line you are what you eat, well your workout is what you eat too!

Training for your first race?  Upset stomach every time you do a  long workout?  Can’t find the perfect nutrition plan?  Clothes are full of salt stains?  Do I drink my calories or do I eat my calories?  Hmm, what’s that gel taste like?  Are you always depleted after your workout and you have a camel on your back?  Have you asked yourself these questions from time to time?

Well if you just answered yes, head over to our nutrition clinic and night of taste testing.  We will start the night off with a quick workout nutrition seminar followed by taste testing stations, you know the stations like you hit up on Saturday’s at the grocery store!

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