IUE-CWA 5K A Force Against Cancer Run/Walk

Posted October 2, 2013

IUE-CWA 5K A Force Against Cancer Run/Walk

A note from our October Newsletter

“As many of you know I don’t personally write the newsletter anymore, although I have plenty of input, the good stuff that you read is no longer written by me. However, I do feel the need to take this opportunity to address something very personal to myself and our team at UAR.

Early this summer two of our staff members each had a parent diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Unbelievably, the diagnosis was within a week of each other. Tyler’s and Nickie’s families are doing well and are quite grateful for the support and kindness they have received from our community. Both of their immediate families have undergone tremendous changes, and this disease is not an easy one to kick, so your thoughts and support are still needed, and very much appreciated.

It just seems like the right time to remind all of us to enjoy life; enjoy the people around us…every day. The changes we have seen this summer have affected all of us at UAR!

All of our races and events through UAR benefit a charity.  Most of our charities are not disease related. They are wonderful causes, but they are not supporting research to find cures for deadly diseases.  Yes, there are plenty of diseases out there, and I am certain each one of us has someone dealing with something. I think it is time we all do something for someone else, pay it forward if you will.

Pick an event or two in the next few months or year that benefit a charity that helps fight a disease! The Heart Association, The Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Crohn’s & Colitis, Alzheimer’s Association are just a few that I have been involved with over the years.  We all go to Ghost n Goblin, Turkey Trot, and New Years Eve runs, but do those events benefit anyone?!

It is time to make a stand and plan your races to help someone else. Every charity will be knocking on my door asking to advertise at the store, and not that one is better than the rest, or closer to me than another, but this will be hopefully the only time I feel the need to endorse something.

I certainly hope the rest of our team stays healthy. I am lucky to be healthy, that my nagging back pain is nothing in the big scheme of things! I hope you, too, are lucky to be healthy, count your blessings!

Our team from UAR will be participating in the Pancreatic Cancer Walk on October 28th, we would love for you join us to show your support for Nickie, Tyler and most recently one of our coaches, Lori, as her mom was diagnosed as well!”

Be healthy!  Susie Stein

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