Olympic Trials Marathon 2012

Ann Alyanak

Olympic Trials Marathon 2012

“Qualifying and training for the Olympic Trials Marathon has taken lots of hard work and many miles.  I feel very blessed and honored that I have this opportunity again and I could not do without the support of family and friends.  At our house training for the trials is definitely a family affair.  My husband, Ed, puts together all my training plans for me and is my coach.  This time he has an assistant in our 2 year old son, Eddie.  In a recent workout Ed and Eddie were watching and Eddie yelled, “Knees up Mommy, knees up.”  He will even bring me my water bottle after runs.  Eddie is definitely an important member of the team.  I am very thankful to have the family support.  As I run the roads of Houston I will be thinking about all the encouragement and support I have received from UAR and the UAR community and it will help keep me fighting to the end.”

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