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Renegade Brands Sweat X Detergent

“Sweat X is an industry leading, specially formulated, sports laundry detergent that lifts and removes set in odors and stains such as mud, clay, blood, grass, and dirt from active wear. Unlike our competitors who rely on scented detergents to mask odors, Sweat X actually removes and lifts sweat beads from sports equipment, because our proprietary cleaning molecule is subatomic or nano in nature. It is actually small enough to penetrate underneath the sweat bead and remove it from fabrics forever. It also removes stored bacteria housed and incubated in those sweat beads lodged in smelly gear.


Sweat X is 100% non-toxic and has no dermal impact, therefore it is even safe for individuals with skin allergies. With a nearly neutral pH, it’s safe to use on all types of fabrics and can be used in any type of washing machine including high efficiency”

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