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  • Explore & Discover with Up and Running

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    Explore & Discover with Up and Running

    We are one team bonded by shared love for our community.

    We appreciate you walking in. We work really really hard to be the best we can be, our team here is passionate and kind and caring.

    We hope that when you leave you feel better than when you came in.

    We just hope that we make an impact in this world.


    As we all too easily can get caught up in the holiday retail stress, our mission reminds us and hopefully you...

    That we are here to help make this holiday truly exceptional by gifting experiences that go beyond the ordinary—a chance for your loved ones to explore, discover, and create stories that last a lifetime through all that we have to offer at Up and Running.


    Susie Stein, Owner and Founder Up and Running in Dayton


    Link to Our Up and Running Mission Video 


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